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Alstone Hybrid Board

We have been serving a wide range of Alstone Hybrid Board in the market. This includes WPC Board which is wood polymer composite board made using best in class material and top notch machinery. It is a new material that has appearance and qualities of the rarest species of wood while offering a truly eco-friendly alternative. We test Alstone Hybrid Board on several parameters before dispatching from our unit to make sure that it has a long life span, is durable and offers an elegant and appealing look. This has led to high rising demands for this board in overseas as well as domestic markets.

Key Points:

  • It is an eco friendly alternative to wood.
  • This provide excellent appearance and looks.
  • It holds a major market share in architectural landscaping.
  • We offer this at feasible prices.
Alstone Water Proof Ply

Alstone Water Proof Ply is one of the widely demanded products which we serve our clients in national as well as international markets. Being water proof, it is also a termite proof panel that is made using optimum quality wood polymer composites that are naturally termite and water proof. No treatment is required for making it safe against termite and borer like other wood base panels.  Alstone Water Proof Ply has features such as high dimensional stability and does not warp in changing weather. It comes with a life time guarantee and is 100% eco friendly as it is manufactured with virgin materials.

Key Points:

  • We offer a life time warranty for the same.
  • This play is also termite proof.
  • It finds application in varied sectors.
  • We strive to deliver this on time.
Alstone Door Frame

We are a trusted name serving Alstone Door Frame or Chaukhat to our huge clientele base. It is available in different designs, sizes and colors to fit the demands of our patrons. Both outdoor and indoor framing of doors can be done using this as it is 101% water proof and termite proof as well. We offer designs that blend beautifully with your home interior and exterior finishes. Alstone Door Frame provides exceptional protection from leaks and drafts making your door stay looking new for years. This has gained us huge acknowledgement for this frame’s fire retardant feature, 0% shrinkage and a long life span.

Key Points:

  • We offer this in sizes 100 x 50 mm, 125 x 50 mm, 150 x 50 mm and 70 x 40 mm.
  • It helps keep door operating and looking great for years.
  • It is 100% solid, waterproof and termite proof.
  • Its fire retardant nature has led to rising demands.
Alstone Oligo

We have been serving our clients with a wide array of Alstone Oligo in different colors and sizes to fit the demands of our patrons. These are ultra-high gloss and matt finish panels which are an ideal choice for discerning home owners, interior designers and architects. It can also be used along with other finishes as required. Alstone Oligo has a premium ripple free finishing that is highly resistant to moisture, heat and environment changes over time. We test this panel on several parameters to make sure that no compromise is done with its quality at any stage of production.

Key Points:

  • We offer this in 12 attractive colors.
  • It can be used at various places for designing and interior purposes.
  • It is tested before dispatching from our unit.
  • This has gained us high rising demands internationally.
Alstone Doors

Alstone Doors are applauded as an entrance to extraordinary. These are the decorative doors that look as beautiful as real wood and alongside assure the performance just like durability of steel. Different designs, sizes and colors can be made in these doors as per the choices and preferences of the customers. Alstone Doors offer uniform thickness without warping, undulation or bending and also a smooth surface for laminations. These doors have stability in varying humidity, dimensional accuracy, high shock and buckling resistance, high screw holding capacity, termite and borer proof, moisture proof, fire retardant is also an eco- friendly product.

Key Points:

  • Our doors are available in different designs, colors and sizes.
  • They are applauded for being resistant to moisture, termite and fire.
  • They offer uniform thickness.
  • They are warp and bend free.
Alstone Art

We are a noted manufacturer of Alstone Art for our highly respected clients. These are 2D design panels that offer an innovative, fresh and exciting approach to add aura and character to any space. Different designs, colors and other specifications can be availed from us to meet the demands of diverse customers. Alstone Art is used to create splash backs, cabinet inserts, doors, interior windows dividing screens, partitions, bed heads, entry features, dining rooms etc. at homes, offices or other places to enhance the interiors. This makes our art all the more appreciated and demanded in the global markets.

Key Points:

  • We offer this in different sizes, designs and colors.
  • It finds application at offices, homes, etc.
  • It makes a room feel warmer or cooler.
  • It can be used to enhance or maintain a casual feeling.
Alstone Silicone Sealant
Alstone Silicone Sealant is extensively used in Industries ranging from metal working and paint to food processing and beverage, from chemical and petrochemical to photo processing and semiconductors. We are also an important supplier for curtain wall companies, glass glazing manufacturers, decoration companies, land agent and automotive manufacturers. It is highly resistant to moisture, extremes temperature, ozone and ultraviolet rays.
Alstone Fluid

Alstone Fluid is the silicone fluid which we serve our clients in global markets. It is a linear, non -reactive polydimethylsiloxane with a viscosity of approximately 350 mm²/s. Owing to its chemical structure, this fluid has an outstanding property profile, that sets it apart from organic materials such as mineral oils. Alstone Fluid is a clear, odorless and colorless liquid which is known for minimal change in physical properties over a broad temperature range. It readily wets clean surfaces to impart water repellency and release characteristics. This fluid is thermally stable at 150oC for extended time intervals. It finds application as a release agent, lubricant, hydraulic fluid, antifoam agent, water-repellent agent, etc.

Key Points:

  • It finds wide application as liquid dielectric for electrical and electronic equipment, heat-transfer oil, polish additive, plastics additive, and so on.
  • It offers good solubility in a wide range of solvents.
  • Its low surface tension and high surface activity has led to rising demands.
  • It is a odorless and colorless liquid.
Alstone Shakti
There are a few companies in the existing domain which can match the quality of our adhesive which is used to laminate the WPC/PVC Board. The product we are discussing here is named as Alstone Shakti- a superior quality adhesive. The name of the product itself justifies what we are meant to assert and affirm. It holds faster and longer. Fast drying and water resistance are a few attributes which make it very popular in the market.
  • Superior Bond Strength
  • Provide handling strength in 3 hours
  • Reduces labour
  • Very high coverage (25%)
Alstone Shri
Offered range of Alstone SHRI has innovative products, which can be utilized for assorted applications based upon the imagination and creativity of the users. These are the exo-friendly alternatives, which come with prodigious lifespan and are light-weighted. Provided with a satiny matt surface finish, the products are available in several sizes and colors.

Alstone Floor Xtra
Alstone Floor Xtra is featured with aesthetic designs and is also appropriate for entryways. Appreciated for its well-informed looks and heavy duty construction, it has termite proof surface and water repellent nature. Offered with resiliency, it is strong & robust and come with durable aesthetic properties. Bestowed with environment-friendly properties, the range is economical as well.